2011 National Labour History Conference

Labour History and its People

Papers from the twelfth National Labour History Conference held at the Australian National University Canberra 15-17 September 2011.

Edited by Melanie Nolan.

Report on the conference published in Labour History Journal No 101 of Nov 2011: Conference report 2011


Table of Contents

Welcome and message from Prime Minister

Note on Refereeing Process

Part One: Labour Historians and their Organisations, Sources and Methods

1          Entwined Associations: Labour history and its people in Canberra
Melanie Nolan

2          ‘Understand the Past, Act on the Present, Shape the Future’ Transcript of Eric Fry’s Account of the History of the ASSLH
Eric Fry

3          Melbourne Labour History: A Collective Biography of its First Generation *
Peter Love

4          Labour History in Western Australia and the role of the ASSLH, Perth Branch*
Bobbie Oliver

5          Purposes almost infinitely varying: Archives as sources for labour biography
Maggie Shapley

6          Activists in Aggregate: Collective Biography, Labour History, and the Biographical Register of the Australian Labour Movement, 1788-­1975*
Andrew Moore, Yasmin Rittau and John Shields

7          Raphael Samuel: A Biography in Development
Sophie Scott-­Brown

Part Two: Labour Biography, subaltern cultures and identities

8          Frank Macnamara: A Convict Poet in Australia*
Mark Gregory

9          A ‘Virtual Walk’ Down Pitt Street in 1858: Uncovering the Hidden Women Workers of Colonial Sydney*
Cath Bishop

10        ‘Bastards from the Bush’: forgotten IWW Activists*
Drew Cottle and Rowan Day

11        ‘That’s not right’: Indigenous politics, Dexter Daniels and 1968*
Julie Kimber

12        ‘Shirley Andrews: social idealist for Aboriginal rights or agent of the CPA*
Sue Taffe

13        Labour women and the White Australia policy
Patricia Clarke

14        Labour Biography on the Screen: the case of Freda Brown
Rosemary Webb and Lisa Milner

15        Framing  the  Union:  The  Changing  Images  of  Unionists on Screen
Lisa Milner

 Part Three: Labour Biography: Place, Transnationalism and Crossing Borders

16        The Political Cultures of the Irish Diaspora: Some Comparative Reflections, 1800-­1920
Donald M. MacRaild

17        Biography and Mobility in the Industrial Workers of the World in Australia 1911-­1922: A Brief Review*
Frank Cain

18        ‘By Tomorrow I May Be Flying’: Patrick Hodgens Hickey, a case study in Transnational Labour Biography*
Peter Clayworth

19        The ‘Radical’ Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr William Temple*
Doris LeRoy

20        Harry Atkinson and the Socialist Church, 1896-­1906
James Taylor

21        Labour History and Labour Biography beyond National Boundaries: Britain and Australia from the late nineteenth century to the interwar years
Neville Kirk

Part Four: Biography, Organisation and Activism

22        From Saxony to South Brisbane: the German-­Australian socialist Hugo Kunze*
Andrew G. Bonnell

23        Reinstating ‘Casual Connelly’: a Labour pioneer and the struggle for political rights for public servants in New Zealand*
Peter Franks

24        Anti-­Communism Undermined: The Uncomfortable Alliances of W. C. Wentworth*
Lachlan Clohesy

25        ‘We never recovered from that strike’: The Aftermath of the 1951 Waterfront Lockout and Supporting Strikes
Grace Millar

26        A Leftist in Cold War Canberra: Bruce Yuill*
Stephen Holt

27        A not unimportant role’: industry peak unions and inter-­union organizing
Cathy Brigden

28        Much more than green bans: locating the New South Wales Builders Labourers’ Federation in the history of international trade unionism*
Verity Burgmann and Meredith Burgmann

* Indicates that the paper was refereed by two blind referees