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2011 ASSLH conference – Much more than green bans


Much more than green bans: locating the New South Wales Builders Labourers’ Federation in the history of international trade unionism

Verity Burgmann and Meredith Burgmann


The green bans movement of the New South Wales Builders Labourers’ Federation (NSWBLF) was immensely significant, but has tended to overshadow the union’s other achievements. This paper marks the fortieth anniversary of its green bans that commenced in 1971 by offering a more broad-ranging tribute to this extraordinary union. Continue reading

2001 ASSLH conference – ‘Cognitive mapping of a new and global type’: Seattle and the power of identity

Verity Burgmann
University of Melbourne


Manuel Castells’ The Power of Identity argued that, compared with the power of identity, “the labour movement fades away as a major source of social cohesion”. Insights from Raymond Williams suggest the labour movement’s retreat from a politics of class difference has ensured that, although the reality of class inequalities has become more stark, perceptions of this reality have become less clear-sighted. Continue reading