2001 National Labour History Conference

Work, Organisation, Struggle

Papers from the seventh National Labour History Conference held at the Australian National University from 19-21 April 2001. Edited by Phil Griffiths and Rosemary Webb.
(This book is out of print but you can access all the published papers by clicking on the links below).

Report on the conference published in Labour History Journal No 81 of Nov 2001: Conference report LH journal 2001


2001 conf book


 2001 conference proceedings

Keynote addresses

Labour history and the new millennium
Joy Damousi Department of History, University of Melbourne

Postmodernism, history and class
Neville Kirk Department of History, Manchester Metropolitan University

Work Organisation Struggle in the century ahead
Jim Macken  

Refereed papers

Policing the 1873 Lothair mines dispute at Clunes
David Baker  Criminal Justice and Criminology, Monash University

The geeks fight back: Class struggle in the information technology industry
Thomas Barnes

Goose clubs and wages boards: Marginalising unions at Electrolytic Zinc, Tasmania, 1920-22
Ruth Barton National Key Centre in Industrial Relations Monash University

Good vibrations: An exploration of ‘new age’ socialism in Australia, 1890-1914
Frank Bongiorno University of New England

Choosing the path of resistance: Union strategies in the Queensland coal industry, 1954-67
Bradley Bowden Griffith University

Vesteys and the single ‘white’ man’s wage: The first award in the Northern Territory
Bernie Brian Northern Territory University

‘Cognitive mapping of a new and global type’: Seattle and the power of identity
Verity Burgmann University of Melbourne

Jack Lang’s 1930s government: The first 150 days
Frank Cain University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy

The ‘freeing’ of unfree labour: Coolies in the tea gardens of Assam 1908–1948
Rob Castle and Jim Hagan  University of Wollongong

The ‘freeing’ of unfree labour: Aborigines in the Northern Territory cattle industry, 1948–1978
Rob Castle and Jim Hagan  University of Wollongong

‘Listen mate, sailing is a working man’s sport’: Leisure, work and community on coastal NSW
Dr Christine Cheater  Central Coast Campus, University of Newcastle

Forgotten foreign militants: The Chinese Seamen’s Union in Australia, 1942-1946
Drew Cottle University of Western Sydney, Macarthur

The Socceroos strike a deal
Braham Dabscheck School of Industrial Relations, University of New South Wales

‘A dangerous trend towards authoritarianism’: Dr James, the Menzies government and cold war Australia
Phillip Deery Victoria University, Melbourne

The English origins of Australian Federal Arbitration: The invention of ‘Legal Arbitration’ in 1872
Chris Fisher  University of Canberra

No quick response: Who is responsible for clothing outwork reform?
Alastair Greig School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

Sir Frank Packer and workplace relations at Australian Consolidated Press
Bridget Griffen-Foley ARC Postdoctoral Fellow in History, University of Sydney

Changing the face of the world: The relationship between John Dwyer’s political radicalism and his ‘occult writings
Mark Hearn  Postgraduate candidate, Department of History, University of Sydney

Recontesting the cultural cold-war: Frank Hardy, Power without glory, and criminal libel
Dr Jenny Hocking ARC QEII Research Fellow, National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University

Chinese seamen and Australian labour: The mass desertion from the SS Silksworth at Newcastle, October 1937
Paul Jones  ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne

The working miners of southern New South Wales: Subsistence men, entrepreneurs or proletarians?
Barry McGowan  Australian National University

Becoming ‘unionate’? From staff association to national union: The ‘industrialisation’ of university staff 1983–1993
John O’Brien  School of Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour, University of New South Wales

The formation and role of an independent trades and labor council in Western Australia: A case study
Bobbie Oliver Teaching and Research Fellow, Research Institute for Cultural Heritage, Curtin University

For the love of children: The construction of the family day care ‘mother’ 1974-1998
Wendy Paterson  Department of History, School of Humanities, University of Newcastle

Union birth, growth and death: The Lithgow ironworks, 1900-1914
Greg Patmore University of Sydney

‘I was mad on housework’: Some maids’ perspectives on domestic service, c1908-1920
Helen Pfeil PhD Student, Department of History, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

Useful images: The industry films of the Austrian Productivity Center 1951-1959
Dr Ramón Reichert Research Institute Epistemology and Discourse-Analysis, University of Vienna

Challenging equality masculinism: Edna Ryan’s struggles for equal pay 1958-1973
Professor Lyndall Ryan  Head: School of Humanities, Faculty of the Central Coast, University of Newcastle

The Tait inquiry and the 1956 Stevedoring Industry Act
Tom Sheridan University of Adelaide

Spatial practices and struggle over ground at the Eveleigh Railway Workshops
Dr Lucy Taksa  School of Industrial Relations & Organisational Behaviour, University of NSW

Peak union industrial bodies in Rockhampton: Formation, function and fates
Barbara Webster Central Queensland University, Rockhampton  

General stream (non-refereed papers)

Company-based recreation in Australian industry 1885-1965
Nikola Balnave PhD Student, University of Sydney

The flawed history of the movement and the Labor split: How and why the facts were obscured and distorted
Robert Corcoran

The paradox of Paddy Lynch
Danny Cusack Centre for Irish Studies, Murdoch University

Theorising peak union formation, purpose and power: A discussion paper
Bradon Ellem & John Shields Work & Organisational Studies, School of Business, University of Sydney

The life and times of the Barrier Industrial Council: A study in local peak union origins, purpose, power and decline
Bradon Ellem & John Shields Work & Organisational Studies, School of Business, University of Sydney

The making of a feminist union activist: Claire Kelly and the Victorian Secondary Teachers’ Association
Rosemary Francis PhD student, University of Melbourne

The industrial and political significance of the Queensland Council of Unions, 1922-2000
Simon Fry University of Southern Queensland

The introduction of the chain system: An ‘Heroic Defeat’ for the AMIEU (Vic)
Marjorie A Jerrard Monash University

The daily truth
Liz Macnamara

Internationalism and the Indian Seamen’s Union
Julia Martínez Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wollongong

Engagement: The Colombo Plan and Australia’s working relationship with Asia, 1950-1965
Daniel Oakman Australian National University

Misunderstanding Australian labour: Samuel Gompers, Billy Hughes, and the debate over compulsory arbitration
David Palmer  Senior Lecturer, American Studies, Department Social Sciences Flinders University

Monopoly, overaccumulation and disproportionality in Australian capitalism 1880-1930: A preliminary interpretation and review of labour movement responses
Geoff Robinson Monash University

Indian immigration to Canada: Some historical facts
Surjit Singh Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur

Caught in the community: Teachers’ lives in rural schools, 1880 to 1900
Glenda Strachan  University of Newcastle

But who’ll get Ted’s lunch
Julie Tolley Honours Student, University of South Australia

Anti-communism and civil liberties: The 1951 Communist Party dissolution referendum debate at the University of Melbourne
Fay Woodhouse University of Melbourne